"Portrait Narratives in Black Form" Exhibit: 2.22.2020

On February 22nd, 2020, I curated my first art show exhibit for Black History Month. I was blessed to collaborate with three amazing artists to celebrate Chicago Black Art. My goals were pretty simple:

- Host an event on the West Side of Chicago

- Celebrate amazing Black artists and highlight their work

- Create a channel for Black entrepreneurs to be paid for their services

- Bring beautiful people together from all areas of Chicago.

To be honest, words do not amount to the pure joy I felt during this event. I saw loved ones, friends and family, former colleagues and bosses, and folks I met for the first time. Over 150 attended the event and had the chance to visit an amazing art gallery in the East Garfield Park neighborhood.

Featured artists included:

Brittany Harris, Graphic Design Artis (Go Bee Harris)

Jeff Beckham, Acrylic Painter (Jeffrey Beckham)

Jasmine Sims, Spoken Word Artist (The Jasmine Sims)

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